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The MK13 Mod 7 rifle is fielded by various US SOCOM units, in particular, US Marines MARSOC and US Navy SEALs.  Its lineage traces back to the Vietnam era M40, and is the last model of the infamous MK 13 Line of Sniper Rifles. 


Manufactured at NSWC Crane, the Mod 7 utilizes a Remington 700 Series action, chambered in 300 Winchester Magnum and embedded in the AICS rifle chassis made by Accuracy International of the UK.   The weapon system also includes a 7 x 35 Nightforce ATACR optic, and a Surefire SOCOM 762 RC suppressor.  The MK13 Mod 7 has an effective range over over 1200 meters.  It went into service in 2018.


The MK13 Mod 7's smaller brother, the MK13 Compact Series are inspired by custom competition / precision hunting rifles built by such companies as "Surgeon Rifles".  These custom builds use the same Accuracy International AICS chassis system as the US Marines MK13 Mod 7 while being more compact and easier to use as their intended shooting distances are considerably shorter than what the military requires. 

ARCHWICK's version makes the gun considerably lighter and shorter by using a shorter barrel, making the gun more manuverable and easier to use in outdoor skirmishes.  

Available in 4 colors.

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