Our Motto

Under promise, over deliver

Our Mission

Design and manufacture high quality products with forward thinking designs, desirable aesthetics, dependability, and ease of use.   At Archwick, we don’t just make pretty products; we make them to function, and we make them to last.  We believe in giving our customers exceptional value for their hard earned money, and we want to keep you coming back for more.

Archwick is a designing firm, a brand builder, and a manufacturer. 


We specialize in airsoft guns / accessories, paintball gun / accessories, and other sporting goods related   products. 

We design and manufacture high quality products under our own in house brands as well as provide professional product design, ODM, and OEM services for other companies in a variety of industries.  


Who we are

Main Products

ARCHWICK specializes in Airsoft Guns, Airsoft Upgrade Parts, Airsoft Gun Accessories, Paintball guns, and Paintball gun upgrade parts.


Aside from having our own branded line of products, we also work closely with global distribution partners, such as ASG of Denmark.  


ARCHWICK is also an ODM / OEM for many other famous brands from around the world.


Questions to us 

At Archwick, we strive to be great communicators for our B2B and B2C customers alike. 

We value constructive feedback and will always lend an open ear to our clients in order to understand

their needs and rise above their expectations. 

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