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B & T Air APC9 GBB Series

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The Advanced Police Carbine (APC) series was designed for the demands of today’s police, special forces, and military units around the world. As the hallmark of the B&T line, the APC series represents the ultimate in performance, reliability, and accuracy. The APC family includes the flexible and adaptable APC9/40 & 45/10mm, the rifle caliber APC223/556/300 line, and the ultimate in semiautomatic precision, the APC308. With a comprehensive suite of accessories created specifically for these platforms, the APC series represents a breakthrough in customization and modularity for every operator, and every specialized mission.

SPECS (Real B & T APC9K PRO)                                                         SPECS (Real B & T APC9K SD²) 

  • Caliber:  9mm                                                                                     Caliber:  9x19mm

  • Barrel Length:  4.3"                                                                            Barrel Length:  3"(76.2mm)

  • Length:  12.7 / 20.9"                                                                           Length:  15"(381mm)

  • Weight:  5.51lbs                                                                                  Weight:  5.9lbs(26kg)

  • Magazine:  30 rounds capacity                                                          Magazine:  30 rounds capacity

  • Grip:  AR Pattern                                                                                 Grip:  AR Pattern

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