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  • Why are there no prices listed on the Archwick site?
    Archwick does NOT sell to end users directly, and only to qualified distributors and resellers. Due to various costs associated with shipping, duties, and other operational fees, distributors will set a fair market price for the areas they operate from.
  • Are all ARHCWICK products available worldwide?
    ARCHWICK products are available to countries where airsoft can be legally imported and sold. However, we may not have a distribution partner where you reside. If you can't find a local ARCHWICK distributor / reseller in your area, please contact us for further assistance.
  • Why is my product sold under a different brand in my region?
    Due to area related distribution rights, some ARCHWICK products will be sold under the distributor's own branding in different areas. The products are still made 100% by Archwick, and are sold and serviced by that particular distributor.
  • Why does my ARCHWICK product have different markings / packaging than I found on the Internet?
    Some products are marked / packaged as dictated by the legal requirments of your region, or by specifications set by the distributor.
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