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ARCHWICK Upgrade Parts -
Hop Up Buckings

AEG NBR50商品圖1.jpg
GBB NBR60商品圖1.jpg
AEG SILICON50商品圖1.jpg
GBB SILICON60商品圖1.jpg
AEG NBR60商品圖1.jpg
GBB NBR70商品圖1.jpg
AEG SILICON60商品圖1.jpg
GBB SILICON70商品圖1.jpg
VSR NBR60商品圖1.jpg
VSR SILICON60商品圖1.jpg

ARCHWICK Buckings are an easy but effective performance upgrade for most airsoft guns.  Our bucking line is split into 3 series:  Javelin (AEG), Trident (GBB), and Arrow (VSR-10).   These 3 series combine to cover the most common types of Airsoft guns; from AEGs to GBBs to Bolt Action Sniper rifles, we have a hop up bucking with the right combination of materials, design, and hardness for your application.


  • Patented Directional Air Channel –

This small channel located on the top of the bucking allows air from behind the BB to bleed off, thus reducing the amount of turbulence behind the round.  This ‘smooths out’ the air behind the BB, thus maximizing the Magnus effect, while reducing BB contact with the barrel inner wall.   This greatly improves the BB’s flight path, thus improving both range and accuracy.

  • Y shaped BB guiding channel

By utilizing a Y-shaped design with a directional guiding channel, the BB maintains 3 points of contact with more consistent BB positioning.

  • Custom Pressure Point Designs

By utilizing different pressure point sizes, shapes, and designs, the duration of contact and the positioning of the pressure points are optimized.

  • Extra protective packaging

A clear and rigid container protects the bucking during transportation.  This ensures that the bucking stays in its original shape as produced from the factory and prevents against deformation or material contamination.

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