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In the real steel world, PCC stands for "Pistol Caliber Carbine".  For our Airsoft application, it stands for "Pistol Carbine Conversion", and we think it's a rather appropriate moniker.

Why make a carbine kit for the HICAPA series?  The reason is that the TM HICAPA series is probably the most popular pistol series outside of the GLOCK replicas.  Their performance and reliability are legendary, and they really pair well to the ethos of the Carbine kit.


Inspired by B & T's orginal USW concept, we went to work adapting our USW G17 kit to work with the TM HICAPA series and clones.  The amount of re-work necessary to make this happen was extensive, including:  1.)  Completely new CNC work to the Aluminum Chassis  2.)  Completely new CNC Lower Rails  3.)  New CNC Slide Release and pistol frame retaining pin  3.)  New CNC Rear Sight / Charging Handle  4.)  Shortened Buttstock Adaptor Plate




***DISCLAIMER***  B & T does NOT make a USW kit for 2011s or double stacked 1911s.  Our PCC kit is NOT a direct replica of their design and SUBSTANTIAL changes were made to the body, rail adaptors, and stock.  The PCC kit does NOT have any B & T trademarks and is NOT a licensed product***

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